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What is Subutex?


Subutex is considered as an addiction treatment and a long -acting opiod agonist containing buprenorphine hydrochloride that binds the brain receptors in order to prevent or reduce opiod withdrawal syndrome. Because it attracts the opiate receptors better than any other drugs like methadone and heroin there is a remarkable reduction of the patient's desire to use opiods as the treatment process advances. A patient using opiates will not feel the effects of the drugs because Subutex binds so compactly to the said receptors.

The effects of Subutex are not prominent compared to other opiods. Alteration of daily activities is not required just to cope up with drug reactions. Accordingly, it is commonly prescribed for patients on an opiod dependence management plan. At present, it is widely used in the drug treatment centers as an aid to the detoxification procedures from Opiates.


Incidence of Subutex Abuse


The United Nation International Narcotics Control Board reported a surge of 1.7 Billion daily dosage of Subutex in the past 10 years. Why does the rate of subutex addiction increase? The increase in the worldwide DDD (defined daily doses) is due to the following factors:

• Accessible in illegally operating stores

• Subutex is cheaper than any opiate

• The classification of the drug is less restrictive. According to the Drug Abuse Treatment Act of 2000, Subutex may be dispensed even in the doctor's clinic. This is in contrast to other opiates like methadone than can only be prescribed by doctors operating clinics specializing in addiction management. As the patient's condition improves he or she may be given a prescription to continue taking the drugs at home. However, for on-going treatment of Subutex it is required that the prescribing physician is certified by the Drug Enforcement Agency and their clinics are listed in the directory of Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.


Important Considerations


Subutex should be taken only 12 hours following heroin use. In case of prolonged heroin abuse it is important to leave at least 24-hour gap before introducing Subutex in the body. It is also important to bear in mind that Subutex treatment is not intended for short-term care. It is prescribed for long-term therapy and sudden discontinue may result to fatal complications. The patient must also be carefully oriented with drug administration especially if taking the drugs at home. Subutex may result to serious health risks if taken with sleeping pills, and alcohol.


 Common side effects of Subutex


• Flu-like symptoms

• Headache

• Mood swing

• Nausea

• Sleeping troubles

• Sweating


Serious side effects that require timely medical intervention:


• Anxiety

• Dark urine

• Depression

• Difficulty of breathing, chest tightness, rashes and hives since these are indications of serious allergic reactions.

• Pale stools

• Persistent stomach pain

• Shallow /slow breathing

• Yellowish skin or eyes



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